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I can't still grasp why YouTube doesn't allow users to download and store videos freely from their platform. In this case, that pushes users to seek out for free YouTube video downloaders, and the users are obligated to do so if they want to enjoy their favorite videos offline.

Why You Need a Free Video Downloader?

Considering that there are hundreds of service pages and third-party apps online, it is incredibly challenging to find a trustful one, which won't steal your sensitive data and spread it to the whole globe. If you are the one giving permission to these apps, you have no one to blame to other than yourself.

Moreover, if you think this is the worst-case scenario, you can't be more wrong. In the worst-case, your account gets stolen, a lot of meaningless and pricey purchases are charged on your account, and you get arrested for fraud. 

It shouldn't be that challenging for people to enjoy their favorite videos on a free platform. People should feel no fear when they try to find some full HD quality music videos to catch on later when riding the subway.

In that case, SociFan is proud to represent its latest product, which is a free video downloader for YouTube that requires no password or payment information to function correctly.

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How to Download a YouTube Video

To download a video from YouTube, convert video to MP4, all you need is a valid link to the video you want to save on your device. As we mentioned above, our free tool doesn't your password or personal information to do its job properly.

As the SociFan team, we suggest you never share your password or sensitive data with anyone at all. Giving out your passwords is a great way to get scammed in the 21st century.

  1. Open your regular web browser and go to SociFan.
  2. Check the colorful upper menus to find our 'Online YouTube Downloader' tool to proceed.
  3. Open YouTube on another tab and find a video you wish to download, copy its URL to your clipboard.
  4. Return to SociFan's downloader and paste the URL to the designated field specified for video links.
  5. After that, tap on the 'Check' button to reveal the available video and audio formats. (mp4, mp3, 3gp, m4a, WebM, etc.) Resolutions of these files are also stated there. (full-HD 1080p, 720p)
  6. Tap on the 'Download' button for one of these alternatives to instantly download and save any video you want from YouTube at high speed!

free youtube video downloader

Why Choose SociFan's YouTube Downloader?

There are a lot of original reasons to use SociFan over others. We'll happily declare some of this logic with you.

No registration required

You can visit our page ordinarily and still download any video you want without having to hassle with surveys. You don't have to sign-up.

Unlimited free downloads

When you use SociFan's tool to download HD videos from YouTube, you can use it any time you want for several times. There is no limit for you to look out for.

No software installation necessary

You don't have to download any third-party apps on your device to download YouTube videos. You can visit our website at any time you want and enjoy our service.

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I use this everyday man.. Feels like other yt video downloader are sluggish compared to this