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What Is an Instagram User ID

So, we know it's essential for you to get the help of some third-party plugins in order to do things from scheduling your posts to many more we won't mention. Eventually, it is evident you need some help, but these apps can't work without the something we call as an Instagram User ID. 

It's just like an identity number with nine numerics in a sequence, and it is bestowed upon you permanently when you first sign up for your account. However, how can you find your User ID? Today we are going to learn more regarding how to obtain it, and how can you utilize it to your advantage. Let's start if you're ready.

Find Instagram User ID

Instagram and Third-Parties

You're probably using Instagram to some extent, and that's cool. Also, today, we regularly see people who wish to build an online brand for themselves or become a social media influencer on this amazing platform. 

Well, that situation also requires those creators, marketers, and influencers to utilize some third-party tools to their advantage. On the upshot, those people need to create content, publish it, promote it, and enjoy the pain of this life at the same time. 

Nevertheless, it's not possible to use some third-party apps without knowing your User ID as your regular username is sometimes just not enough. In this case, these apps have to fetch and read data from your account, and they can't do it without your helping hand.

Find my Instagram User ID

Find Your Instagram ID

If you're one of those creators or influencers, you should note your Instagram ID to someplace where you can't lose it. As we said earlier, your ID never changes, and you shouldn't be second-guessing yourself when sharing it with others as no one can take destructive action against your profile with only the ID.

So, let's start the process and find your Instagram ID right away. It's an easy process, and it won't take much of your time.

  1. Open SociFan through your web or mobile browser and scroll to the top until you see our header section. From there, hit the "Instagram Tools" menu item to continue.
  2. A new page will open. From there, you should switch to the Instagram section and select our "Instagram User ID Finder" tool.
  3. From there, you can simply type in your Instagram username to the designated field right below and hit the "Check" button.
  4. The system will work for a while to find out your User ID. After the job is done, you can browse your ID from the box that appears at the bottom. And that's all!

As you see, it's easy to get your Instagram User ID. After that, it's up to you to utilize the necessary third-party apps to organize your account and take your place among the top performers of Instagram.

How to get your Instagram user ID

Frequently Asked Questions
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Yes, we don't ask for anything other than a username for this process. In that way, you can look up for anyone's User ID.

No, Instagram User ID doesn't mean anything on its own. Nobody can harm your account if they don't have a way to get your password.

You can opt-in for third-party apps. Some of these apps can't fetch the required data from your profile merely with a username. That's why your User ID needed.

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