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how to use our social media services

How to Use Our Social Media Services?

If you need to show your presence on social media for various reasons, you have to flex with your numbers. People care about an account’s engagement rates and all-around numbers if they are considering to take a more profound look at this mentioned account.

Nobody would want to waste their already limited and precious time on some account with little to no fans. You have only mere seconds before these potential followers leave your account without feeling satisfied at all, only because you do not have the vague numbers to show that you have social proof beforehand.

We are so happy to help you with this great guide on our social media service provider: SociFan. First things first. Before discussing our services' advantages and differences compared to other platforms, let's start with a fundamental question. How do you use our social media services? Okay, when you visit our website, you might be intimidated by the many services we provide. Let us put your mind at ease. At SociFan, we can define ourselves as one of the best social media service providers on the market. That's why we confidently offer a wide range of services for your social media needs.

First of all, let’s get our priorities straight. You cannot allow that to happen. You need to indicate your value to your potential fan, and you can do this by boosting your numbers with services.

  • Use your mobile device’s or PC’s regular web browser to load up our site through typing in the search bar the following address:
  • After you load our site, browse the upper menus to find and open any of our paid or free services. Additionally, you can find our free social media tools in the footer of any page.
  • If the service requires you to enter your account’s username, you should type it in the designated field. If it requires you to paste a particular URL, you should follow this step too.
  • After that, if the service is paid, you can enter the number of engagements you want to receive for your social network account. However, if the service is free-to-use, the amount you will receive should appear as fixed.
  • From there, you can proceed to the payment section by either tapping on ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ when you are ready, this shall take you to our purchase system. However, if the tool or service is free, you should be able to get your engagements right away.
  • You can make your payment through debit/credit cards via the most secure payment systems in the world.
  • Just after we receive your transaction, we will process your ordered items. It should not take more than an hour to get a hand on your purchases.
advantages of social media services

Advantages of Social Media Services

Up to now, we've covered how to use all our social media service pages. But you may not decide whether to buy our service. Let us help you. Of course, there are a lot of reasons why you should use social media services for your profile. We would like to look deeply at them one by one. 

Expertise & Industry Knowledge

Like us, social media agencies are experts and have knowledge about the online industry. That's why they have up-to-date knowledge and follow popular trends. Besides, these providers always check the social media platforms' algorithms. This is very important for all the processes as popular platforms update their algorithms on a regular basis. The expertise the social media service providers have helps businesses develop their strategies. So they are more likely to succeed in the dynamic environment of social media platforms. 

Time Management 

Gaining new followers, likes, comments, and views is time-consuming. However, outsourcing social media engagement from reliable platforms allows businesses to allocate their time and resources to other core activities. In other words, when you buy social media services from third-party websites, you can focus on a more critical part of your business. All these lead to improved efficiency and productivity in other business areas. 

Cost Effectiveness

You probably want to increase your reach for your start-up business on social media platforms, right? In such a situation, you can hire a marketer, but it can be too expensive. Conversely, getting help from social media service providers is a more cost-effective method. It is essential for small businesses and those looking to manage their budget effectively. Besides, as SociFan, we take it further by reducing your costs even more. We offer discounted prices when you order a specific number of likes, followers, etc.

Access to Premium Tools

Many social media service providers offer advanced tools and software that help you manage your scheduling and monitor analytics. For example, advanced scheduling options help you to plan posts at optimal times to reach maximum engagement. Or these tools offer trend research features that help you identify popular topics, hashtags, and keywords. So you can optimize your content for more visibility and engagement.


Social media service providers allow you to create your own strategy depending on your business's unique goals and targeted audience. How? It's simple to answer. Let's say you have a business profile on Instagram and would like to increase your likes. How many likes do you need? Do you think 1,000,000 likes is appropriate? Don't you think such a high number of likes might appear fake, especially on smaller accounts? So service providers help you eliminate this problem by offering customization. 

why you should choose socifan

Why You Should Choose Socifan?

When it's come to social media service providers, you have many options available on the web. One of these options is us, SociFan. But, you may ask, "Why should I select you when there are so many options on the web?" Firstly, let's accept that you've asked a really good question. We need to provide a good answer to this question as well. However, this might not be as brief of an answer as you think. This is because there are a lot of reasons for you to choose us. That's why let's dive into these reasons without wasting any further time!

Active Customer Support Service 

At the core of our values lies a commitment to ensuring our customers' satisfaction. Therefore, if you ever find yourself anything less than satisfied, this is our fault. It indicates that we haven't met our own service standards. For this reason, we provide a 24/7 Live Support Service for all our social media service customers. It means that we are ready to help you when you want and need it. To contact us, you only need to use our chat system at the bottom right of our website. Our professional team will wait for you to answer any questions in your mind.

A Wide Range of Social Media Platform Services

Even popular social media service providers offer their services for only two or three social media platforms. However, this is not the case on SociFan. We are offering our services for almost all social media platforms you can think of. This is the most significant advantage that puts us ahead of our competitors. We are ready to provide likes, followers, comments, and views for any social media network you use. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Linkedin, Periscope, VK, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Pinterest, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Spotify, and more.

Fast Delivery 

Another significant advantage of using SociFan is its fast delivery time. Let's say you want to buy followers for your Twitter account. You will immediately see the estimated delivery time when you write the necessary information, like the number of followers. Most of the time, this time will vary between one and two days. It doesn't matter if you buy likes, followers, views, comments, or other engagement metrics. We start processing your social media service order immediately after we receive your payments. 

Refund Guarantee

If we cannot fulfill your order within the estimated delivery timeframe, don't worry about it. We offer a guarantee of reimbursement. In other words, you will get your money back for any order that exceeds a maximum of three days. To find more refund information, you can check our Refund Policy page.

No Password and Other Private Information 

As detailed above, we are one of the most reliable social media service providers. Besides, we know what we are doing as our professional team. That's why we can send your likes, followers, and other engagement metrics to your account without asking for your password. It is advisable to safeguard your account and refrain from sharing your passwords with anyone.

Payment Options

We use the world's most secure payment option: Paypal. However, you may not be a user of PayPay. This doesn't mean you won't be able to use our services. This is because we also offer different payment options other than PayPal. You can safely enter your credit card information to complete the purchasing process.

Customers Reviews

You may not decide on whether you buy our services. You can see how positively they impact our other customers' social media accounts in the comments section. After reviewing the opinions shared by others about our social media services, making a decision will become easier. The positive feedback from our satisfied customers can build confidence for you.

differences in our social media services

Differences in Our Social Media Services 

We can accept that more popular social media service providers exist than us. But, we easily beat our strong competitors with our some features. So, you may be wondering about "What is your difference on the market?" Or "Why should I choose you?" We can confidently say that there are more reasons than you think. Indeed, we've covered most of them above in a very detailed way. But, we would like to briefly look at them again and give more reasons.

• You can find any kind of social media services on our website. Besides, we offer SEO services. You don't have to keep searching on the web; you can handle everything on a single website.
• Our followers, likes, views, comments, and other engagement metrics are sourced from real, active, or real-looking accounts. 
• Our social media services have a higher retention rate, meaning they stay with your account long. 
• We offer discounted packages to meet your specific needs and goals. So you can choose the right number of followers or likes.
• We offer a high delivery speed. That's why you don't need to wait long after payment.
• Our customer support service is available 24/7 to assist you throughout the process and answer any questions.
• We have a clear refund policy. So you can ensure that if there are any discrepancies or issues with our social media services, we will help you.
• We prioritize the privacy and security of our customers. Therefore, we never request your sensitive information, such as passwords. 
• We care about transparency in our social media services. Therefore, you can check our blog posts to clearly understand how our services work and the results you can expect.

build trust on social media

Build Trust on Social Media with Socifan 

As SociFan, we understand the significance of authenticity and credibility in social media. Whether you're an individual, influencer, or business owner on social media networks doesn't matter. Creating trust among that platform's users is the top priority to gain followers, likes, views, and meaningful connections. At Socifan, we offer comprehensive social media services that allow you to reliably create your online reputation. So, we want to answer a basic question, "How will you build trust on social media with SociFan?" We could provide you with a detailed answer, but let's keep it short and satisfying.

Long Term Vision

The services we provide are never short-term. For instance, let's say you've purchased social media services from us to increase your TikTok followers. Your followers will be delivered to your account in the shortest time possible. However, another crucial aspect is that your followers will remain on your account for an extended duration. This means you can be confident that the services you receive from us are permanent. If you experience any decrease in services you've purchased from SociFan, don't worry; all you need to do is inform us. We will refill any lost services for you.

Top-Notch Services

Depending on your chosen service, we work with real-looking or entirely real accounts. However, whichever you choose, our social media services are indistinguishable for platform users. The primary reason for this is that we meet your needs by exclusively using high-quality accounts. So, the followers, likes, comments, or views you receive from us will appear completely natural on your chosen platform account. This is good for not only users but also the algorithm of your platform, such as Instagram. Knowing how to play with algorithms is one of the first steps toward reaching a larger audience, isn't it?

Ethical Practices

Being in the social media industry for a long time helped us gain the significant advantage of understanding and mastering its workings. Thanks to our professional teams, we’re extremely familiar with the social media platforms' guidelines and terms of use. This allows us to assist you in aligning with their ethical principles through our work. So, we provide our valued customers with high-quality, affordable social media services while simultaneously creating a safe and secure environment.

Customer Support

Building trust on social media takes both time and significant effort. However, with our affordable social media services, you can easily and fastly create this trust. Yes, social media is a challenging journey; we all accept that. But when you have a professional by your side, nothing can be too hard. We have a team available 24/7, ready to assist you. Feel free to reach out for any questions, inquiries about our services, or any issues you may have.

social media engagement

Increase Your Engagements with our Social Media Services

Before we explain the benefits of buying our social media services, let's highlight the significance of engagement. Social media platforms measure your popularity and relevance using engagement metrics, from likes and comments to followers and views. Higher engagement rates increase your visibility and improve your chances of attracting more people. So, the question is, "What will you do with higher engagement?" The answer is closely related to your business sales and profit. You may be wondering, "Why?" Let us explain it. Increased engagement can allow you to improve your brand or business recognition on the web. Better brand or business recognition brings higher website traffic, sales, and profit. 

Remember that in the business world, everything starts by capturing the attention of your target audience, and the rest follows. So buying our social media services like followers or comment likes plays a vital role in your social media marketing strategy. However, unlike unreliable and low-quality service providers, choosing us will give you an edge over your competitors in your industry. This is because many big social media service providers only focus on quantity rather than quality. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to any questions you may have in mind about our products and tools. If you can't find your answer at FAQ you can reach us via our live support center without a fee.

As SociFan, we can guarantee that we will never ask for your social media account details, including your password. Your account name is the only account-related information to buy our social media services.

It depends on your target audience and your social media platform. For example, Instagram engagement tends to be higher during lunchtime and evenings. On the other side, TikTok engagement tends to be higher during the night. You can test your postings at different times to find the optimal time. 

Definitely! We will never want your social media accounts information. Besides, you can pay via the world's most secure transaction system, PayPal. Your private information is never stored in our databases, and external parties are unable to access it.

You have two options to increase your followers, likes, views, and comments. Growing your account organically or using a reliable service provider like us. Since the first option is effort and time-consuming, buying social media services lets you shorten the process and allocate your effort to other things.

After choosing the relevant platform, you can use engaging content and hashtags to increase your posts' reach. Besides, you should post consistently at the right time. Optimize your account profile and respond to comments and messages. 

Social media services are online platforms that allow users to increase their engagement and visibility and reach more people. When you use social media service providers, you can buy likes, followers, views, comments, and more. So you can reach more and more people.

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