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Extreme Measures

You probably built your profile on Spotify if you are planning to pop out as an independent artist on your own. That's great for you! However, Spotify is a place where competition is continuously roaming around.

There are more than a million artists with their already established fan bases, and some of the upcoming are ready to take extreme measures. Well, ARE YOU willing to take the steps by acting to buy Spotify plays?

Spotify may be the platform you finally shine as an independent artist, or it may be the last nail in your career's coffin. With more than 248 million monthly individual users from around the globe, Spotify is still the king music-streaming services, at least for now.

buy spotify plays

It Isn't Impossible

If you proclaim yourself as a musician and an artist, it seems impossible for you to not have a solid presence on this viral platform. You may choose not to, but that will exclude you from at least 348 million people who love listening to music.

Also, considering that Spotify's Browse section is quite forgiving to upcoming artists, you may even blow up as a one-hit-wonder.

If you already have an artist page, that's pretty good. But what's the point of it if you have no one that is listening to your tracks? In that case, it's almost absurd to think that people will discover you only through your talent.

Well, I guess this is the funniest statement we've ever read, and nobody can be that wrong. You'll need the power of numbers by your side. 

Why Buy Spotify Plays

As we mentioned just above, you need to show to people that you're valuable as an artist, and some people around the globe already realized you have that spark in you. This may not be the case yet, but nobody died from having a few extra imaginary fans supporting them.

The real people who will stumble upon your tracks and profile will perceive this as you being a magnificent artist, though.

buy real spotify plays

Otherwise, how would it be possible for you to attract that many people into listening to your latest tracks? That would be impossible in theory, and maybe it is a fact, but the real truth is what people see with their very own eyes.

Impress the Algorithm

Also, Spotify will reward you for your excellent managing in receiving plays. You can look everywhere, but you won't be surprised when you realize that you can't find an artist who Spotify suggests that has less than a thousand plays on their tracks.

In that case, we can play for the algorithm too, and self-claim that we are the next big thing, and we can do it through showcasing that we have a solid fan base, and these guys listen to our tracks quite regularly. At first, getting the approval of the algorithm is far more important than getting a few guys' appreciation and feedback.

This will change drastically later on, but if you can't get Spotify to feature you on playlists and suggest you to people, you may as get lost. Probably no one will notice that...

how to buy spotify plays

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to any questions you may have in mind about our products and tools. If you can't find your answer at FAQ you can reach us via our live support center without a fee.

No. We promise to never ever ask for your password. We care about your privacy and security. Also, it's best if you don't share it withy anyone.

That's kind of impossible, and we've never seen that before. However, if any drops occur in your number of plays, we'll immediately recompensate them for at least six months.

There's a not real answer to this question in general. However, considering that Spotify show plays below 1k as less than 1.000, it may be a good idea to surpass that.

Comment on your experience

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Buy Spotify Plays - 100% Real & Guaranteed
Want to take your place among the greatest on Spotify? We got you! You can buy Spotify plays now, show people that you're up next.
Buy Spotify Plays - 100% Real & Guaranteed
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This is exactly

This is exactly what I was needing. Thank you so much guys. Prices are great too!

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