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Monitor Your Followers in Real-Time

Well, times are changing, and technology has come to a point where we can monitor things in real-time that happen on the internet. This is also the state for Instagram. Wouldn't it be cool to keep track of your Instagram follower count? If you said yes, now we're talking.

I've always wondered if accounts with multi-million followers ever bothered when they lost followers or gained one. With our brand-new tool that allows our users to see anyone's follower count in real-time, my surprise was at its peak. Followers drop like flies from time to time!

Instagram Followers Count

These accounts we mentioned not only lose tens of followers at a time, but they also amass new ones at the same time. With our brand-new free tool named Instagram Follower Count, you too can enjoy kicking back and watching the legends of Instagram rise and shine.

How the System Works

It's pretty basic in both theory and practice. Our system continually fetches information from Instagram, and when you type in someone's username to the designated field, we instantly get into action and start monitoring the target account's statistics at that moment. 

In that way, if you are wondering if the last post you shared going to help you with getting new followers, this free tool can help you a lot with this. You can rearrange the tab to a second monitoring device beside your computer or laptop and see if people will enjoy your last post or not.

Instagram live count followers

As we don't need to fetch information directly from inside the account, we don't need your password or email at all. Hence, we won't ask for your sensitive info under any circumstance that might occur. So, you can be well assured that your account and ID is secure at all times.

Instagram Statistics

How to Use the Follower Counter Tool

Well, it's guaranteed that our tool won't take much of your time to master it. All we need is a proper username, and that's all. Besides, that username can belong to anyone, and the system will still work. Hence, you're not stuck with only being able to monitor your own followers.

  1. Open SociFan and scroll to the top of the page. On our header, you'll see a section labeled as "Instagram Tools," hit that anchor text and select the "Instagram Follower Count" service from the category to proceed.
  2. After the page opens, simply enter your or someone else's Instagram username to the designated area down below. Please note that direct URLs don't work for this instance.
  3. Well, that's all! You can hit or click the "Check" button when ready. The number of followers the target account has will appear on the page alongside your other statistics and profile picture. The figures will be updated in real-time. That means, if you see no movement, you aren't getting new followers at the moment. Sad.

Thank you for choosing SociFan!

Frequently Asked Questions
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Of course. There's no difference between opening their profile in-app and opening it here. Hence, don't worry about legal consequences.

Of course... As it is possible for you to see their follower count, they can do the same. No restrictions.

Yes. The only thing needed to see someone's followers is their username. Hence, it's kind of public. There's nothing you can do about it.

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Try looking for the username \"instagram\" it almost feels like you're watching F1 :D