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Instagram Video Downloader

Unfortunately, there is no possible way to download videos from Instagram within the official app as we know. God knows why Instagram’s developers thought that it was a good idea to prohibit video and photo download altogether.

However, there can be plenty of good reasons for someone to wanting to download Insta videos on their own. There is a lot of excellent content on the platform.

Hence, why should we need an active internet connection and tons of cellular data to enjoy our favorite video posts? We would say it would be better if we just saved them on our phone!

What Is Video Downloader for Instagram?

Therefore, here we are today! With SociFan’s brand new Instagram Online Video Downloader, you can download your favorite videos from the social network for free, just with a regular web browser.

Our tool is especially great for you if you are concerned about your privacy and security as everyone should be in today’s modern world.

We will never ask for your password. You can keep it; our service will not need it to function. Therefore, your account is a hundred percent safe.

How to Download Instagram Videos With No Survey?

Our service functions almost flawless, and it does not require much to operate. If you have an active internet connection, you are practically good to go.

However, you should note that it is only possible to save Instagram videos from public accounts. Unfortunately, Instagram does not let anyone reach private accounts.

  1. Open our site and browse the menus to find and launch our Video Downloader; it is easy to locate.
  2. Go to Instagram on your mobile device or PC. From there, you should find a video you would like to save on your device.
  3. Copy the share URL of this video and return to our free downloader to proceed to the next step.
  4. Paste the copied link to the highlighted box just below.
  5. After that, you can click on the download button to instantly get the desired video on your device!
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