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With the addition of Instagram Stories, which you cannot download from in-app resources, the social media platform had a massive boom of success over its competitors.

Instagram Story Download

Well, this highly controversial feature not only added success to the network, but it also raised some question marks with its rise. Sadly, if you wish to download Instagram Stories, you had to use third-party applications to achieve that.

You guessed it right. Not anymore.

Why People Download Stories on Instagram?

Due to the nature of the feature, these Stories only stay visible for a maximum of 24 hours on the profile. This is something good for the original owner of the story.

However, if you really liked the content that was posted, you only have some hours in your hand before you lose it for good. Therefore, this feature’s details are somewhat disappointing for the viewer.

Additionally, there is no functioning Story Saver on the market to save videos on your device’s internal storage. Only the owner of the story could download it on their devices if they did not keep it already.

Therefore, you will always have to use your cellular data if you wish to watch them again; we are not even mentioning the time limit anymore.

How to Use Instagram Story Downloader

If you are serious about wanting to download a story from one of your followers, then you will be glad to hear that this tool is entirely free to use.

Moreover, we do not ask for your password. Therefore, your account is completely safe as always with’s features.

  1.  Load our site and browse our menus to open our mentioned Online Instagram Story Downloader for Free.
  2. Afterward, if you know it, you should type in the username of the person you wish to download their stories on your device.
  3. Click on the download button to download your desired content immediately.
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