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About Facebook and Its Videos Feature

Our free and online Facebook Video Downloader is finally up and running! Today, we're going to talk about its details, and how you can use it.

You know about Facebook, there is no point in trying to disguise this fact as there are more than 2.5 billion people in the world who utilize this amazing platform to do their social networking.

Therefore, we can say that it is the most widely used social media platform in the world, have an audience consisting of all ethnicities, nationalities, ages, and interests.

If you think that YouTube is the only massive platform that hosts video and allows you to stream them for free, you're absolutely wrong. Facebook has a feature to do the same too, and it's not something you can neglect quite easily.

Today, there are billions of videos residing on Facebook, and you probably had come across some of them while you scroll your Home Feed. And to be honest, we think that the video feature of Facebook is really on point and developed. It is quite easy to utilize.

Facebook HD Video Downloader

Can You Download Videos on Facebook?

Therefore, if you're a regular user of Facebook and its videos, you may wonder if it's really possible to download Facebook videos without breaking any laws, infringing any copyright issues, and having a stressful situation.

Well, if you are looking for a way to download videos directly in-app, you will be disappointed as it's not possible from the very first day of Facebook. And it's not that hard to understand why.

Zuckerberg does not want you to leave the platform and watch the videos on your own device. Otherwise, how can you see ads and bring ad revenue to the platform?

Facebook Video Downloader

Why Use Our Video Downloader

However, with our brand-new Facebook Video Downloader that is actually free, you can download any video you want from this platform without having to install any third-party software, complete surveys, provide any sensitive information such as your password or email.

  • You can download any videos, even private videos, if you get the URL directing to them. That's all you need.
  • Our free tool works in a respective manner. Therefore, if the video you want to save on your device is HD, you can download it in the highest resolution possible on Facebook. Audio will be included too.
  • All major and minor operating systems are compatible with our free service. Also, any browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.) is good, and you can save the video directly to your mobile device (Android, iOS) or computer (macOS, Windows) without compatibility issues.

How to Download Videos from Facebook

  1. First of all, you should go to Facebook like you normally do and find any video you would like to save on your device. Then, you can copy this video's URL to your clipboard and move to the next step.
  2. Now, open SociFan on your browser and open the "Facebook Video Downloader" from the Facebook Tools menu to proceed.
  3. After the page opens, you can paste the URL you copied to the text field down below.
  4. When everything seems ready, you can directly hit the "Download" button to save the video you specified on your device.

Congratulations! You successfully saved a Facebook video on your mobile device or computer. We hope we'll see you again soon!

Free Facebook Video Downloader

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why would we need that? All you have to provide is a valid URL directing to the video you want to save on your device.

We have our standards. It's not a bad marketing strategy to waste your users' and customers' time. No, you won't have to do those.

Probably not. However, you should always be careful not to use the video you download for profit. That's the real deal. The platform will only care about that.

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Works perfectly. I was able to download a friend's private videos in HD. Great tool.