How to Get Verified on Instagram? (4 Tips to Increase Chances!)

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While you’re browsing Instagram, you’ve seen that many celebrities have verified accounts. It is known that brands, government agencies, companies, and celebrities use verified accounts on Instagram generally.

Today, anyone who wants to have a verified account needs to make some transactions on Instagram.

If you do the necessary transactions to have a verified after you apply to Instagram, there will be a blue tick next to your profile!

So, how to get verified on Instagram? You can review the rest of our article to have information about the subject.

How to Request Instagram Verification

If you want your Instagram account to be verified, it’s easy to apply for it. We will share with you the Instagram account verification steps, respectively.

You must have done some basic operations to get verified through Instagram.

Because Instagram does not give a verified account to all applicants. Below is a list of things to do:

  1. Connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account.
  2. Link your Twitter account to your Instagram account.
  3. Make the verification application for your Instagram profile.
How to Get Verified on Instagram

How to make the application for a verified account on Instagram? Here, just like how we briefly explained below:

  1. First, you need to click Verification Request from its tab on Instagram.
  2. Instagram will ask you for your name, last name, and business identity. Instagram will send you a notification immediately after your application.
  3. This notification will let you know if your verification request has been approved or not.

Different Ways for Applying for Verification

Two different application methods are being tried to get approval through Instagram.

The first application method requires you to contact Instagram personally via the Instagram application or via e-mail.

Contact Instagram Personally

If you are a famous profile on Instagram and you want to get your Instagram verified quickly, you can mail this to the Instagram authorities.

But such mailing only allows people who are really famous to get verified. Because Instagram generally requests a number of conditions for profile validation.

Try Agencies

Another thing you need to do to get a profile verified on Instagram is to apply to advertising agencies working with Instagram.

When you apply to these institutions to have your profile verified, your application can be approved as soon as possible.

Be Careful: Instagram Account Verification

We have outlined the basic rules for your Instagram account to be verified.

But there are also some things that people who want to have my Instagram account verified need to be aware of.

  • If you want your Instagram account to be verified, you must first convince Instagram about its necessity.
  • If you submit this application while you have no followers on your Instagram account, your application will not be accepted even if you have met all the requirements.
  • If you want your Instagram account to be verified, you must first have a certain number of followers.
  • If you use your account for a while, your number of followers will increase.

So, we recommend that you apply for Instagram Verification Process after a certain time after opening your account.

Can Everyone Apply for a Verified Account?

Anyone who wants to have a verified Instagram account can do so.

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In short, there will be no obstacles in your application process.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone’s application is going to be accepted.

The verified account of a global brand, a person or a celebrity guarantees that no other account with that name can be opened.

Other than that, verified accounts have the chance to add swipeable links to their Instagram Stories.

This also helps other users on Instagram to trust the account easily with no question.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Having a Verified Instagram Account?

If you wish to apply for a verified account through Instagram, you can do the following to increase the chances of your application being accepted:

  • Try sharing original content on Instagram regularly.
  • Never buy low-quality artificial followers.
  • Join various organizations to increase your followers. For example, produce sponsored content or become a recommended profile among influencers.
  • Never exhibit any behavior that is considered spam. For example, do not send a message of harassment to anyone, do not follow many people randomly, or do not unfollow many people randomly.
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