How to Ask a Question on Instagram? (Master the Ask Me Sticker in 3 Steps!)

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For those who are curious, we explain step-by-step how to ask a question on Instagram.

Instagram Ask Me feature is currently active for both Android and iOS users.

It’s understandable if you wonder how to ask questions on Instagram, as it is kind of complex.

How to Use the ‘Ask Me Sticker’ on Instagram?

Each new update connects users to the platform even more.

Instagram takes user feedback into account when preparing updates.

The latest update is an indication of this.

Instagram users have been waiting for asking questions feature that came with the Instagram update.

That made people wonder how to ask a question on Instagram Stories?

  1. You can open the Instagram Stories page by tapping the camera icon on the Instagram Home Page.
  2. In Instagram Stories, you should touch the top smiling icon and then the Questions sticker.
  3. By tapping “Ask Me a Question,” you can write what you want and finish sharing with Done.

When your followers touch your profile picture, they’ll come up with the question you’re asking, and they’ll write it down in the Write Something field.

  • Questions from your followers are collected under Answers.
  • Here you can also see those who did answer or ignore your question.

View and Share Answers for Your Instagram Questions

  • After you publish your question, your followers can view the question when they click on your profile picture.
  • You can see the answers from the followers under the heading Answers.
  • In this section, you can see both your question, your answers, and your friends who do not answer the question.

Only the person who asked the question can view the answers to their questions.

However, it is also possible if you want to share these answers.

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You can also see the option in which answers are shared under Answers.

If you want to share your answers on your profile, you should keep reading as this the subject of another article.

What’s New on Instagram Other Than Ask a Question Feature?

Instagram, one of the world’s largest social media giants with 1 billion active users, continues to come up with new developments.

Immediately following features like IGTV and Video Talk, the Instagram Lite version was announced in recent weeks.

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