Change Instagram Name (Alter Your Handle in 3 Easy Steps!)

Change Instagram Name (Alter Your Handle in 3 Easy Steps!)

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Acting to change Instagram name is quite simple. With the username created to interact while becoming a member, people can easily reach each other by searching.

You can change the Instagram username at any time. We use the Instagram username o find someone on the platform.

If you want to how to change Instagram username, keep reading.

What Does a Unique Username Provide on Instagram?

  • Your user name will appear in your profile and the direct message section.
  • You can change the username you created when you first registered with Instagram.
  • The user can see the user name that he has created from the Profile tab and the messages section.
  • It is also possible to change the user name from any desired device.
  • In this respect, application makers have not set limits.

Can I Change My Instagram Username at Any Time?

In 2019, Instagram does not restrict users from changing their username.

You can change your username as you wish.

  1. The first step is to enter your profile’s home page.
  2. Here you can change the username of your profile by clicking Edit Profile > Username.
  3. If you do so, let’s say that another user can retrieve your old username.

You can also easily edit your profile name and biography information from the same panel.

It is possible to edit profile information not only from the application but also from the website.

How About My Old Instagram Handle?

In this case, you may not be able to return to the old user name again.

Let’s also mention that Instagram is working on a new username change.

According to this test, which is currently in progress, your old username will be locked to your account for 14 days after you change your username.

Thus, if you want to go back to your old username, there is no chance of another user getting that name before you.

If you don’t return to your old username for 14 days, your name will be automatically available to all users.

It is currently unknown when this new feature will be available.

How to Change Instagram Name

How to Change an Instagram Username?

Here are the ways to of how to change Instagram name.

  1. Open the Instagram app and scroll to the Profile tab.
  2. Touch the Edit Profile button (on Android, touch the Edit Profile button in the same way.)
  3. Type the user name that you want to use and tap Done at the top right (on Android, tap the OK icon in the top right corner.)
  4. Your Instagram username will now be changed.
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If you want to change your username on Instagram, you will not experience any changes to your profile.

So your photos, comments, followers, etc. remain the same. Only your username will be changed.

People who view your profile and those who have already spoken to you in the direct message section will see your new username.

Will My Username Change Immediately?

There is no time limit for changing the username on Instagram.

If the required conditions are met, the user name changes instantly, and your profile is updated with the new user name.

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