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SoundCloud to Kick-Start Your Career

We finally released our free tool that allows you to get free SoundCloud reposts, and today, we are going to talk about why it's a good idea to get free social media metrics delivered to your profile. Let's see.

SoundCloud is a place where you can strive for greatness as an independent artist, and it is one of the most popular music and podcast streaming platforms of today. 

With more than 300 million monthly unique visitors around the globe, it is expected for that sole platform to grow further and be a competitor to more prominent and known alternatives such as Spotify and iTunes.

Therefore, if you have ambitions regarding being an independent artist that can support himself or herself, you need to have some kind of presence on SoundCloud as other platforms we just mentioned require you to have a publisher or distributor who you will have to pay money. 

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Promotion May Not be Enough

Paying hundreds of bucks to major corporates is the last thing you need if you are pretty new in the music business.

You should devote that money into something that's more crucial, as your actual craft, gear, and work.

However, if you don't put any investment into marketing and promotion, can you really expect people to find your tracks and give them a listen?

This question is valid, but there's a more crucial question: Do all promotions result in the owner of it getting more clout overall? 

We don't think so. Even if you do everything right and give all of your time to put your music out to the people through ads, its success is not guaranteed as one minor mistake (like your cover art) can result in you getting no actual plays at all. You can influence people's choices only to a point.

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Tricking the Algorithm with SoundCloud Reposts

In that case, we know what you will have to find some other way to make people stumble upon your tracks a lot more often through organic means. 

And you can't achieve this easier other than getting free metrics delivered to your SoundCloud account. 

It's all about tricking the algorithm into thinking that your account already has some kind of exposure on its own, and the platform will benefit from endorsing you to the right audience.

Get Promoted

All social media algorithms count only one thing when it comes to suggest, endorse, and feature their users, and it is the engagement they manage to create and stir. 

Therefore, if the platform realizes that your tracks get a lot of reposts from the users of the platform, it will automatically tend to perceive this as you being someone with clout. 

Hence, it will start suggesting your tracks to the right people in order to create more engagement and increase their ad revenue, and you will start getting a lot of individual plays and likes on your tracks if you keep it tight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we don't require you to provide your password, and we will never do that. We don't need it to deliver the reposts to your account.

Who knows? You can only experiment and see when you will trigger the algorithm. However, you should always keep your account authentic.

It doesn't work that way. Getting free reposts from us is not much different than asking a friend to repost your tracks. Don't worry.

It doesn't work that way. Getting free reposts from us is not much different than asking a friend to repost your tracks. Don't worry.

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