What is IGTV?

Social media platforms are in a big competition. Each platform tries to improve and be ahead of the competition. Their efforts are always to make their users feel more comfortable and enjoy the platform more. They want to bring new innovative features to their platforms to bring in more users and make the platform better for their users. One of the more popular platforms is Instagram. Instagram is trying their best to be relevant in the competition and they’re aiming for big. Instagram introduced a new feature to rival the giant YouTube and provided many conveniences to their users. This new feature is called IGTV. We should talk about what Instagram IGTV is. First of all, it’ll be an ease of access for all Instagram users. Instagram created ways to share pictures and videos on their platform 5 years ago. But the length of the videos that could be shared was limited. After realizing that long-length videos are a very popular medium of sharing, Instagram introduced IGTV. With IGTV, Instagram users can share long-length videos up to an hour or even more. YouTube has proven that this format of sharing is one of the most popular formats out there. And IGTV brings many eases of access to its users to rival YouTube. As you can check IGTV offer from this page you can have Free Instagram Likes.

What Can You Do with Instagram IGTV?

  • With the increasing popularity of social media platforms and TV losing its importance in our daily life, people have found different ways to enjoy videos. YouTube, Netflix and other streaming devices have completely replaced TV in people’s life and they keep growing. IGTV aims to rival these platforms and provide a way to watch long-length videos on their users smart devices.
  • What YOU can do with Instagram IGTV? It’s a very convenient and easy to use long-length video sharing platform and you can watch these types of videos easily on your smart devices using IGTV.
  • Instagram IGTV will allow you to upload long videos with high sound and video quality. You will be able to share your interesting videos in best way possible

What Does Instagram IGTV Provide for Social Media Users

  • Thanks to Instagram IGTV, Instagram users are able to upload any video they want to share and expect other users to watch them.
  • IGTV provides high quality video and sound to allow you to share videos more conveniently and more professionally.
  • At the same time, Instagram IGTV is very important for brands as well. Using IGTV, they will be able to advertise their products or services.
  • Thanks to IGTV being a new and popular service, many young opportunists will have the chance to make it big and earn a lot of money.

How to Use Instagram IGTV

  • Using Instagram IGTV is very easy.
  • Instagram IGTV is not only easy to use but it’s designed to be used in both vertical and horizontal positions.
  • IGTV, will be a big competitor against YouTube.